About Core İstanbul

Core Istanbul is a dedicated Business Center that's established with the aim of fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem specifically for youth in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region within Turkey. The center's core belief revolves around the pivotal role entrepreneurship plays in societal and economic development, primarily through the cultivation of innovation.

At the heart of Core Istanbul's approach is the creation of a comprehensive ecosystem tailored to empower young entrepreneurs. This ecosystem is meticulously designed to equip them with the necessary tools and a resilient mindset to navigate the complexities of their ventures successfully.

In practice, Core Istanbul's services are strategically crafted to facilitate partnerships between both aspiring entrepreneurs and young professionals. These individuals are thoughtfully matched with experts, mentors, and potential investors, laying the groundwork for the center's regular launch of a Business Incubator program every six months. This program serves as a guiding platform for emerging founders, steering them through the crucial early stages of business creation, ultimately driving the establishment of highly successful enterprises.

Beyond this, Core Istanbul is gearing up to introduce a range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs and events. These initiatives are specifically tailored to equip the upcoming generation of ambitious young professionals with the skills that are most in demand within today's dynamic business landscape.

Physically, Core Istanbul offers a spacious and well-designed 1200 m2 workspace. This space is thoughtfully curated to enhance the overall environment, providing a dedicated area for work, meetings, and personal growth. It serves as a hub where individuals within the entrepreneurial community can gather, collaborate, and advance their ventures together.

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