RAHA is one of its kind diagnostic and medicine dispenser developed with Patented Technology* utilizing AI/ML & Robotics to provide remote diagnostics

RAHA Remote Healthcare Platform

An automated primary health clinic with ability to diagnose over 70 parameters and dispense medicines with proprietary * AI/ML Robotics and machine vision.

Industry’s first integration of medicine into telemedicine concept.Can hold up to 300 different kind of medicines at once- all controlled by consulting Doctor, remotely.

  • Automated Remote Healthcare platform powered by cutting edge Robotics, AI/ML & one of a kind Medicine Dispenser!
  • Integrates patients, doctors, primary diagnostics, medicines and, laboratories.
  • Industry’s first HD-Robotic camera, controlled by the consulting doctor, to investigate further & look closely into patient’s Throat/Eye etc. UV & Alcohol based complete sanitization for complete disinfection on the clinic


  • Complete vital information captured & presented to Doctor live!
  • Intensive & preventive checkup through Robotic camera/ ECG/ Stethoscope
  • See patient history and/or prescribe medicines & dispatch them
  • Patient walks out with medicines in hand & completely satisfied


  • Industry’s first integration of Medicine into the telemedicine concept.
  • Can hold up to 300 different kind of medicines at once- all controlled by consulting Doctor- remotely
  • Modular servicing, just like an ATM; fill-up the medicines & the dispenser will take care of the rest
  • Can be used as RAHA-ATH component or as a standalone Medicine Dispenser in large pharmacy/ hospitals

Diagnosis Parameters

  • AI based Cataract & Fundus Screening
  • Inbuild High Resolution camera to capture the fundus images for retinopathy disease
  • Body Temperature Sensor, Blood Oximetry, Pulse Rate Sensor, Blood Pressure Sensor, ECG Sensor
  • Advanced Robotic Manipulator For Remote Examination Camera
  • Safety equipped autonomous motion of robotic camera with single click
  • X, Y & Z axis motion
  • Audio Visual Communication
  • POCT Blood drop Analyser
  • Digital Stethoscope
  • Height Measurement & Weighing Scale
  • Prescription Printer
  • UVC Sterilisation
  • Alcohol Sanitization
  • Secured Software Integration

About WellM

  • WellM helps manage anxiety – the root cause of several cardio-metabolic disorders.
  • We do it through tech enabled scientifically proven proactive practices backed by natural laws of wellness.
  • Thereby, bring sustainable wellbeing, joy and growth in people’s life – that leads to positive impact on Institutions, Businesses and Communities.
  • UWellM - RAHA collaboration strengthens value prop to end client by integrating interdependent Emotional - Physical Wellbeing & creating a well engaged caring community. 


Industry’s first HD-Robotic camera, controlled by the consulting doctor, to investigate further & look closely into patient’s throat/eye etc.


Information of the patient such as history location etc. available at a glance


Complete vital information captured & presented to Doctor live!

Pricing Options

  • Product based fee

Targeted Customers

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Centers
  • Healthcare Providers and Organizations
  • Healthcare Providers and Organizations
  • Government Hospitals

Solution Type

  • Product
  • Application


According to the customer's needs

Value proposition

  • Comprehensive Diagnostics
  • Integrated Telemedicine and Medicine Dispensing
  • Cutting-Edge Robotics and AI/ML
  • HD-Robotic Camera for In-Depth Examination
  • Remote Access and Real-Time Data
  • Complete Patient Satisfaction
  • Versatility and Standalone Capability


Remote Healthcare System

Aspagteq Remote Healthcare System

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1. How secure is Revolutionizing Remote Healthcare for sharing personal health information?

o Telemedicine platforms prioritize security, employing encryption and data protection measures to safeguard patients' personal health information.

2.Can all medical conditions be treated through telemedicine?

o While many medical conditions can be addressed through telemedicine, certain emergencies and complex procedures may still require in-person care.

3.Are insurance companies starting to cover telemedicine services?

o Yes, an increasing number of insurance companies are recognizing the value of telemedicine and are beginning to cover its services.

4. Do I need specialized equipment for a telemedicine consultation?

o In most cases, a smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access and a camera is sufficient for a telemedicine consultation.

5. How do I choose a reliable telemedicine platform for my healthcare needs?

O Research various telemedicine platforms, read reviews, and consult with your healthcare provider to select a reliable platform.

5. Is Revolutionizing Remote Healthcare here to stay, even after the pandemic?

o Absolutely. The convenience and benefits it offers ensure that telemedicine will continue to be a vital part of the healthcare ecosystem.