ABBA OCR & Classification API is a platform that offers 2 separate APIs for enterprise and SME companies, including on-demand RPA services.

OCR API (Optical Character Recognition) provides the following services for image processing:

Automatic Image Pre-processing

  - Deskew

  - Auto Rotate

  - Border Removal

  - Hole Punch Removal

  - Deletion of unwanted elements

Automatic Extraction (Machine Learning)

  - Full Text and XY coordinates extraction from the image


  - For documents that couldn't be processed

Classify API: Automatic Document Classification Service. It classifies the documents into the following categories:

-Structured documents

-Semi-Structured Documents

-Unstructured Documents

ABBA OCR & Classification API is a powerful and user-friendly service that empowers businesses and SMEs to enhance their document management and automation processes.

Pricing Options

  • Monthly subscription
  • One time license

Targeted Customers

  • Healthcare Providers and Organizations
  • Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs)
  • Enterprise Companies
  • Retail and e-commerce companies
  • Government Offices
  • Educational Institutions
  • Legal Firms

Solution Type

  • API
  • Data Set


Customizable according to the customer´s need

Value proposition

  • Business Operation
  • Business Automation
  • Business Management
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Customer Engagement
  • Risk Management

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