ABBA Money Transfer Order Processing is an advanced solution designed to streamline and optimize money transfer operations. With powerful data extraction capabilities, ABBA effortlessly locates and classifies essential information from various money transfer orders, including EFT and HAVALE transactions. It effectively extracts crucial details such as IBAN, Account Number, Bank & Branch Name, Names of Sender and Receiver, Amounts, and Table data.

ABBA Money Transfer provides on-the-fly runtime OCR capabilities, ensuring real-time and active learning to continuously improve data accuracy. Its seamless integration with core banking systems facilitates a smooth and efficient money transfer process.

With a user-friendly indexing system and Black List Name Verification, ABBA Money Transfer Order Processing significantly enhances operational efficiency, reduces errors, and ensures a secure and compliant money transfer process. Embrace ABBA Money Transfer to optimize your money transfer operations and offer seamless and reliable services to your customers.

Pricing Options

  • Monthly subscription
  • One time license

Targeted Customers

  • Insurance Companies
  • Retail and e-commerce companies
  • Remittance Companies and Money Transfer Agents
  • Fintech Startups

Solution Type

  • Product
  • Application


Customizable according to the customer´s need

Value proposition

  • Fast and Reliable Transaction Processes: ABBA provides accurate data extraction for swift and secure money transfers.
  • Easy Integration and User-Friendly Interface: ABBA seamlessly integrates with existing banking systems and offers a user-friendly interface.
  • Secure and Verifiable Signature Detection: ABBA identifies and verifies signatures to ensure transaction authenticity.

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1. Can I use EFT for international transfers?

o Yes, EFT can be used for international transfers, but it's more commonly used for domestic transactions.

2.Are HAVALE transactions only used in Turkey?

o While HAVALE is commonly associated with Turkey, similar interbank transfer methods exist in other countries.

3. What's the advantage of using EFT over traditional wire transfers?

o EFT transactions are generally faster and more cost-effective than traditional wire transfers.

4. Do EFT and HAVALE transactions have limits on the amount that can be transferred?

o Transfer limits can vary by bank and region, so it's advisable to check with your bank.

5. Are EFT and HAVALE transactions reversible?