ABBA Mobile Capture, powered by DDI TECH, revolutionizes the customer onboarding process by offering swift and efficient OCR (Optical Character Recognition) quality through cutting-edge image processing and enhancement technologies. With its advanced features, ABBA Mobile Capture significantly boosts the accuracy of classification and automatic information extraction, ensuring seamless and precise data capture.

Equipped with patented Image Enhancement and Perfection Software, this mobile capture solution delivers unparalleled real-time content and barcode recognition directly on the device. Additionally, it offers on-the-spot Data Extraction and Classification (ABBA) capabilities, streamlining the entire process and eliminating the need for manual data entry.

By leveraging ABBA Mobile Capture, businesses can expedite their customer onboarding, enhance operational efficiency, and ultimately reduce labor costs. Embrace the future of customer data processing with ABBA Mobile Capture and elevate your onboarding experience to new heights.

Pricing Options

  • Monthly subscription
  • One time license

Targeted Customers

  • Financial Institutions and Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Healthcare Providers and Organizations
  • Government Agencies
  • Legal Firms

Solution Type

  • Product
  • Application


Customizable according to the customer´s need

Value proposition

  • Enhanced OCR Quality: More accurate text recognition through image processing and enhancement technologies.
  • Real-time Content and Barcode Recognition: Quick and effective document scanning and data reading on mobile devices.
  • Automatic Data Extraction and Classification: Automatically detects and categorizes data from documents.
  • Patented Image Enhancement and Perfection Software: Improves document image quality and readability.

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