ABBA Low-Code is a platform that facilitates the entire process of planning, developing, testing, deploying, extending, and maintaining enterprise applications, backed by unparalleled expertise in digital transformation.

With its visual modeling tools, users can design complex business processes without writing code, enabling them to simply drag and drop elements to create interfaces. The cross-platform support allows applications to run seamlessly on different platforms and be easily deployed.

The user-friendly interfaces and accessibility features provide easy and user-centric access to applications. Its scalable architecture meets the needs of high-traffic and growing businesses.

ABBA Low-Code prioritizes security, ensuring the protection of applications and data at the highest level. Additionally, it offers out-of-the-box functionality to enrich applications with complementary features, and its modular structure allows for reusability of components across multiple projects.

The platform's lifecycle management feature enables effective monitoring and management of the application development process, leading to more efficient and organized projects.

For businesses without coding expertise or limited resources, ABBA Low-Code offers a powerful and efficient solution. It accelerates business processes, simplifies digital transformation, and delivers fast and flexible applications to customers.

Pricing Options

  • Monthly subscription
  • One time license

Targeted Customers

  • Financial Institutions and Banks
  • Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs)
  • Retail and e-commerce companies
  • Government Agencies
  • Educational Institutions

Solution Type

  • Product
  • Application


Customizable according to the customer´s need

Value proposition

  • Business Operation
  • Business Automation
  • Business Management
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Customer Engagement
  • Business Resilience
  • Risk Management

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