ABBA Document Classification Platform is an advanced domestic solution developed by DDI Technology's R&D unit with the support of TUBITAK 1507. This versatile platform is designed to address various classification challenges across different sectors. By automating manual processes, ABBA efficiently saves time and reduces the risk of errors associated with human intervention during the classification process.

The platform's exceptional performance is highlighted by its ability to complete the entire digitization process in a significantly shorter time compared to manual methods. It achieves this by analyzing the content of each page using machine learning algorithms and accurately determining the appropriate class for the document. ABBA further groups related pages together and performs the sorting process, resulting in a streamlined and well-organized digital archive.

The working phase of ABBA begins after the training phase is completed. During training, ABBA is provided with an adequate number of samples for each class. The platform automatically performs feature extraction for these samples and creates a custom classification algorithm tailored to the specific classification problem.

One of the main benefits of ABBA is the prevention of errors related to the human factor in the classification process. By leveraging automation, labor-intensive manual processes are replaced, leading to significant labor savings.

In summary, ABBA Document Classification Platform is an innovative and efficient solution that empowers organizations to digitize and organize their physical archives seamlessly. It offers a reliable and accurate classification process, ensuring efficient document management and enhancing productivity across various industries.

Pricing Options

  • Monthly subscription
  • One time license

Targeted Customers

  • Enterprise Companies
  • Healthcare Providers and Organizations
  • Government Agencies
  • Legal Firms

Solution Type

  • Product
  • Application


Customizable according to the customer´s need

Value proposition

  • Ensures high accuracy by eliminating errors related to the human factor.
  • Provides labor savings by automating manual processes.
  • Classifies documents efficiently using machine learning algorithms.
  • Efficiently digitizes physical archives for organizations.
  • Offers versatile solutions for various sectors and classification challenges.

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