About PeerBie

PeerBie project planning application is an effective tool that ensures success of projects. Using PeerBie correctly provides more benefits than you can imagine. One of the easiest ways to effectively involve experts in all processes of the project.


Plan, progress and finalise projects with your team

Effortlessly oversee your projects and tasks with Peerbie, designed to simplify organization and enhance team productivity.


Stay connected with your team

Bring your team together in one centralized platform with Peerbie's comprehensive communication features, fostering collaboration, productivity and positive company culture


Stay Updated with Dynamic Feeds

Keep your finger on the pulse of company and team updates using Peerbie's versatile Feed feature, fostering a sense of community and encouraging collaboration


Overview the performance of projects or teammates

Gain valuable insights into project progress and team performance with Peerbie's powerful analytics tools, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize productivity.


Manage your time better with daily flows

Start your day with customized flow including your upcoming tasks and events

Integration: Peerbie can be integrated with other tools and services via Zapier, allowing users to connect it with over 10,000 different services.

Mobile Apps: Peerbie offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices.

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