Yıldız Technology Transfer Office (Yıldız TTO), together with the intellectual legacy it inherited from the Project Support Office, became YTU Teknopark A.Ş. It was established in January 2013 under TÜBİTAK and was among the top 10 TTO projects supported within the scope of the 1513-Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) Support Program, which was initiated in 2012 to strengthen the Technology Transfer Offices within universities and to encourage the establishment of new ones.

TTO adopts as its main purpose to provide sustainable cooperation based on mutual trust between academicians and industrialists at the university. It undertakes the task of creating the necessary platforms in order to use the academic knowledge, science and know-how in our university in line with the needs of the industry and to make positive contributions to the country's economy.

Commercialization of inventions and innovative products resulting from scientific research; It is the whole of the support services that cover the transformation of these to the benefit of the society, the country's economy and the university. Serving academics, industrialists, entrepreneurs and students, Yıldız TTO has Institutional Communication, Project Support, University-Industry Cooperation, Patent and Entrepreneurship units.

In short, Yıldız Technology Transfer Office has adopted the motto of making the academy-industry coordination efficient, supporting research studies within the scope of commercial and consultancy; is a dynamic organization that carries out activities on information, education, project support, cooperation, intellectual property rights, entrepreneurship and incorporation.

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