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REKROM Optoelectronics was established in Bilkent Cyberpark (Ankara) in March 2019 as a company that provides package solutions including design, production and integration in the fields of optics, optoelectronics and optomechanics. In April'19, Meteksan Defense signed its first contract with AHETS (ACTIVE HELICOPTER OBSTACLE DETECTION SYSTEM) project on opto-electro-mechanical scanning unit design and prototype production. It completed its design and production activities with great success in a short period of 18 months and delivered it to Meteksan Defense. The resulting product is one of the world's longest range LIDAR products. In July'19, the first internal project, RAYFECT (OPTICAL DESIGN AND LIGHTING ANALYSIS SOFTWARE), was launched within the scope of Individual Entrepreneurship (1512), which was carried out with the support of TEYDEB. The trial version of the software, which was made ready for use in August'20, was entitled to receive TEYDEP (1507) support as of December'20 for the 2nd phase studies. Thanks to the knowledge gained within the scope of the AHETS project, REKROM started the process of developing its own unique LIDAR product and in April'20 the 2nd TEYDEB project (1507) LASIR-270 (DEVELOPMENT OF COMPACT LIDAR FOR AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES) was launched. As of July'21, the project has been successfully completed and the first original product has reached the level of LASIR-270 TRL-6. In this context, it aims to become the first LIDAR manufacturer in Turkey by financing the serial production of LASIR-270 with the support of HAMLE. After the completion of the LASIR-270 R&D processes, the R&D studies for the modular LASIR-M product, which we believe will be innovative for the sector and will break new ground in the LIDAR market, have been initiated with the knowledge and success gained. LASIR-M will be the second LIDAR that REKROM will add to its product family. In this project, he was entitled to receive support from TEYDEP under the Industrial R&D Projects Support Program (1501). In this process, REKROM has completed and delivered very special projects such as interferometric microscope and intraocular trifocal lens to its customers, in addition to RAYFECT and LIDAR projects. REKROM Optoelectronics started its journey 30 months ago in an 18m2 office, with two people and a capital of 5 thousand dollars, and has achieved an annual growth rate of 140%, while succeeding in developing two products with great potential in the global market with its R&D team of 12 people, in 2 infrastructures, in a total of 300 m2 closed area. In just two years since its establishment, it has succeeded in developing two products with great potential in the global market with its experienced and dynamic team.


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