Findaso in the issue #42 of Chemlife

Findaso in the issue #42 of Chemlife
Saturday, 28 January,2023

  • Could you please tell our readers a little about yourself and your Findaso enterprise?

  • After completing my undergraduate, master and PhD studies abroad, I came to Marmara University in Turkey as a visiting researcher and then worked in the project of TÜPRAŞ as a postdoc at Koç University Chemical Engineering Department. As a result of my observations and experiences about the difficulties in university-industry cooperation and service procurement in my academic life, I wanted to step into the world of entrepreneurship with the idea of ​​closing this gap. And I started to create a team to establish the Findaso online platform. As the co-founder and CEO, I am working excitedly to develop the Findaso platform, which was incorporated at the beginning of 2021 and where we published the MVP (minimum viable product).

  • Can you give us information about the founders and team of Findaso?

  • Dr. Azam Khodadadi is the co-founder and CEO of Findaso. Other co-founders are CCO PhDc Ergi Şener and CTO Amir Karamian . Also project manager PhDc Ayşe Kılıç work full time as part of the Findaso team.

  • What is Findaso? What kind of services does it provide to which sectors?

  • Findaso is a smart platform of B2B supply and demand for R&D and innovation based services and solutions. Platform creates a dedicated environment for organizations and experts operating in the fields of science, technology and R&D; enabling them to carry out their cooperation and service procurement easily and quickly. The Findaso platform provides technological solution partners, research partners, laboratory services or consultancy services to 8 different sector clusters in 4 different membership categories.

    Membership categories:
    1. Production and Service Industries
    2. Academicians
    3. Laboratories and R&D Institutions
    4. Freelancers and Innovators

    Sector clusters we serve:
    1. Energy and Battery
    2. Chemicals and Materials
    3. Environment and Waste Management
    4. Biotechnology, Medicine and Healthcare
    5. Agriculture and Food Technology
    6. Textile, Leather and Wood Products
    7. Industrial & Electronic Equipment and Technology
    8. BT, Simulation and Data Science

  • Who exactly is the target audience of the Findaso platform? Who can benefit most effectively from the platform?

  • We can gather our target customer group under 4 main categories: 1) Manufacturing industry, 2) Start-ups/Small organizations, 3) Large organizations and 4) Experts. One of the main goals of the platform is to increase the cooperation between university and industry. For this purpose, it acts as a bridge between companies in the manufacturing industry, startups, R&D institutes and academicians in the manufacturing industry.It is aimed to reach and enroll academicians through Technology Transfer Offices (TTO). Thus, while the function of TTOs in providing university-industry cooperation continues in the same way, academicians can be directly informed about the current projects. .Municipalities and various public institutions can also benefit from the platform by finding solutions to their technology-based needs through our members and by being consistently informed about the latest technological developments.Furthermore, we think that retired academics, higher education graduates and experts/creative people will make significant contributions to the ecosystem.

  • What kind of a process awaits a company when it decides to use Findaso platform?

  • People who want to use the platform can have one or both of the solution seeker and solution provider profiles on the account they have created with a simple registration step, completely free of charge. As users who want to create a solution seeker account, all they have to do is sign up to the platform and answer a few simple questions. Accordingly, the platform creates a demand/project according to their needs. Thanks to the algorithm, their demands are matched with the most suitable potential solution providers, and the solution providers are instantly informed and can send offers via the platform. Users who provide solutions or services can also create a profile by signing up and filling in their institution and expertise information, and then they can be instantly informed about the projects in their fields.

  • Why choose Findaso? What are the features that differentiate your platform and that you want to highlight?

  • The Findaso platform stands out as the first platform in Turkey that creates a dedicated environment for R&D and innovation-based services and solutions. Thanks to the auto matchmaking infrastructure of the Findaso platform, individuals and organizations seeking solutions have the opportunity to find the solution partner or service they need within minutes by answering a few questions in the system. On the other hand, individuals and organizations who provide solutions are instantly informed about the projects and requests related to their fields of expertise, after they create an account and define their expertise on the system in a few minutes. From this aspect, the Findaso platform can act as a showcase for solution and service providers where they can consistently promote their specialties. In addition, users can play the role of both a solution seeker and a solution provider on the platform at the same time, and can carry out posting projects/requests or challenges, and submitting offers to different requests, independent of each other in the same profile. Offering features such as multi-language supported automatchmaking, intraplatform communication, and the ability to review multiple offers at the same time, it provides noteworthy savings in time, effort and cost. With customizable privacy features, the platform supports easy, fast and reliable solution providing and finding process of the members.. In addition, when the targeted majority of qualified users is reached, visitors to the site will be able to be constantly informed about the latest technological developments, innovations, creative ideas and projects through the projects and challenges published on the platform. With all these values presented, it is aimed to increase the success rate of projects much easier, faster and more efficiently compared to traditional methods.

  • Where can those who want to get more detailed information about Findaso get this information?

  • They can review our website and follow our social media links to get information about Findaso.
    We recommend you to watch our Findaso corporate promotional video at They can also access the guide videos about the registration and account creating steps via the links below.
    For any questions and suggestions regarding the platform and membership stages, our team members can always be reached via the e-mail address or via Linkedin.

  • What progress have you made since the beginning? Where do you see yourself in the future?

  • The MVP was released in January 2021. Then companies were established in Canada and Turkey.We graduated from the Silicon Valley-based Founder Institute acceleration program and joined the Canada-based DMZ program.Since the beginning, we have gained over 200 members and hosted 2 challenges with more than 10 projects.We are in the process of establishing cooperation with more than 10 Technology Transfer Offices (TTO).Our solution partnership with İSEK (Istanbul Health Industry Cluster), one of the important clusters, has been officially published on our home pages.We are constantly working on adding new features to the platform and making it even more functional according to the requests and feedback from users.We started out as the first R&D and innovation platform in Turkey, and we dream of being the most preferred platform on a global scale in many different sector clusters at the end of five years.

  • Is membership to the platform paid? Can you tell us about your service fee?

  • Membership to the platform is completely free, and the first 50 credits are offered free of charge to our members for creating projects/requests, publishing challenges and sending proposals on the platform. For those who want to continue using the platform, there are pay-as-you-use credit-based package or annual package sales for unlimited use. For large organizations such as clusters and TTOs, we create an admin account to which unlimited sub-users can be added, and we provide services through special contracts for their needs.